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Monday 25. of May 2009 Horses of course

Theres a track leading back, to the old fisherman's shack, along the road to Taldysay

Wednesday 13. of May 2009 A Town like Balshino.....

By the sight of the roads, it looks as though we're finally in getting to some far out remote villages. Most of the time, the main road is so bad that it easier to ride on the steppe. Most traffic (some four 4wd cars per day)...

Monday 11. of May 2009 Korgalzhino

"Without nature there can be no life worth living. But where is nature's voice to tell us?" - Traditional Kazakh proverb

Sunday 10. of May 2009 On the road and into the steppe

After a few postponements and glitches, we spend our first few nights out on the road

Saturday 09. of May 2009 The quike finally hits the road!

A test ride of the newly re-built quike through the streets of Astana with our posse