A bit about Megan

Megan was also the president of the Monash Bushwalking & Outdoors Club (two years prior to Roger).  Despite having organising bushwalks and cycle tours for small and large groups, as well as solo adventures throughout much of the country, she is definitely the junior adventurer of this duo.  

At present, Megan is trying very hard to complete her doctoral thesis in Neurobiology before heading off on the Quike.  Over the years, as well as pitching in on projects such as the Regent Honeyeater revegetation project, Conservation Volunteers Australia, and Bushwalkers Search & Rescue, she has managed to master several musical instruments.  She'll be smuggling a few onto the Quike for this adventure too.

To this partnership, Megan brings a bit of bike mechanical know-how, a strong record of not breaking or losing things, and better map skills than the average female.

Email:  megan(at)steppebysteppe.com.au