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17.09.09 03:02 Age: 9 yrs

Man of the House

By: Roger and Megan

And some mysterious ancient rock engravings

The situation of the boy from Bozadyr was just as much a shock to us as our quike was to him.


Having to retrace our steps back to Batken after our debacle at Sokh, we stopped to visit a town called Bozadyr. Right on the outskirts of the town we immediately encountered young boy (who looked at most 14) who promptly invited us to his house (which we thought a bit strange). We thought we may as well follow him to his house and meet his parents and family, and then decide what to do. There began our 15 minute ride up the hill through the village to his house.

Strangely, however, this actually was "his" house, as he was the boss of it. He had one younger brother and one older sister, but being the oldest boy he was in charge. And where were the parents? Well they were both in Russia working, and would come back only for winter each year, before going to Russia again to work since there was no work to be found at all in the village. Thus this boy (at age 16, though looking a lot younger) was the head of the house, rarely going to school (since he had to herd the cows, work around the house etc.), and ordering his other siblings around. It was a very interesting experience for us, being the guest of this young boy - the man of the house.

While we were there (it was a very small village) he took us to the top of a nearby mountain, where he showed us some ancient engravings in the rock at the top. These engravings looked like they were part of a game (a version of mankala maybe) - numerous hemispheres carved into a a flat rock in an orderly pattern/array. We asked a few of the elders in the village what these engravings were, and no one seemed to really know what they were, apart from that they were ancient, and to do a with a game (which no one knew how to play). This was a very ancient village so perhaps many years ago people did play games up on the top of this mountain.