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17.09.09 22:49 Age: 9 yrs

The carpet weavers of Karabulak

By: Roger and Megan

Handmade carpets, Kyrgyz-style

One special thing about the small tucked away village of Karabulak is that they have traditional style carpet weavers who are not to be found anywhere else. In our travels we have seen numerous traditional carpet weavers, but the weavers in Karabulak used a totally different style to produce huge carpets (some 100 square metres) all by hand with traditional materials. A "small" carpet here, would take a team of 4 women (working 10 hour days) 20 days to make. These carpets are extremely intricate in their designs and used for very special occasions (weddings, circumcision ceremonies etc). Making this carpet is a very complex exercise, with all 4 women having to work together, no one can work fast than the others, or weave their bit out of order, thus we were enthralled to see and record the making of such a complex work of art, something which has just about been lost, to the factories and machines of China, Russia and Bukhara.