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15.12.09 05:51 Age: 8 yrs


By: Roger & Megan

On the road out of Yegisar

On the road out of Yegisar, we were unfortunately hit by a car trying to over take us. The car doing a good 90km when it clipped us on the side, breaking our pannier off from the quike and sending it flying out in front of us, - skidding down the road, Roger's arm was rammed into his seat post as a result. The car had its side mirror broken off in the process, so the driver stopped to collect the pieces before riding off. Luckily we managed to get its number plate details before it sped away - another hit and run. Upon inspection of our pannier however, the pannier attachments had been broken, part of the pannier was torn and abraded also, but worse still was that our GPS was smashed. More specifically the screen had large cracks in it, so the display did not work at all when switched on. Being some 2 or 3 hours out from the next big town, we decided to ride on quickly to get to the police station to report the hit and run, we did not know what they would do.

Upon arrival at the town we immediately located the traffic police unit, which we promptly pulled up in front of. As soon as we got off the bike and attempted to report what had happened (we showed, and told all the officers who were crowding around what had happened) they refused to listen or respond to us. All they kept asking for was our visas and passports. Even when they had this they still did not pay any attention to us, but rather sent out passports off for processing. Whilst we waited in the cold for our passports to be processed, they didn't even ask what had happened or if we were OK or even mention the crash.

Finally it was agreed that they would haul in the driver of the car the next morning, to pay damages for our broken equipment. Meeting with the driver the next morning proved to be not as daunting an experience as we thought it would be. All went smoothly, with the police hauling all of us down to the local secondary school to order the sole English teacher out of class to be our interpreter. After a brief discussion and lots of paper work, all was sorted, with the driver providing a brief apology and some compensation to us for our broken goods. All's well that ends well, with us exchanging a few jokes and laughs with the driver, all departing on good terms.