Sponsorship Opportunities

Steppe by Steppe, Side by Side is a wonderful opportunity to explore modern day society’s connection to disappearing indigenous cultures.  We are looking for support from companies who share our passion and drive to get the job done no matter how hard it is, and this same courage to be at the forefront of innovation.  But we are also seeking collaboration with companies that are socially aware and responsible, and companies which acknowledge that their success and growth goes hand in hand with the success and growth of local communities.

Your support for Steppe by Steppe, Side by Side will afford the following Return on Investment opportunities:

Media exposure:
-    Advertisement of your products via visual representation on our fliers
-    Your products discussed/acknowledged in all media relations: radio segments, newspaper spreads, magazine articles
-    Rights for you to own a quantity of stills images for advertising purposes (web based, press printed catalogue use) (negotiable)

Gear logo placements:
-    Quike logos, including regions of the fairing
-    Clothing
-    Baggage
-    Tents

Website sponsorship logo placements.

Naming rights.  In return for a significant cash sponsorship, Steppe by Steppe would be willing to offer naming rights to our vehicle (the Quike), or for other aspects of our expedition.

There is also scope for the Steppe by Steppe Team to make presentations to your employees or selected clientele, for promotional or motivational purposes.